Get to know your lawyer: Matt Letson

Today we’re continuing our Get to know your lawyer blog feature with Matt Letson!
Matt Letson first joined Lawson Creamer as a summer student in May 2001. He was in the middle of law school, but wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do with his legal training. So he auditioned the firm for the summer.

“I found Lawson Creamer to be a collaborative place, with an open exchange of ideas. Working with Kelly and Mel was also a lot of fun. It was this experience that really ignited my passion for the law,” he says.

Finding that fit was important. But how has he kept his passion alive over the past 15 years?


“The other day I realized that the diversity of my caseload had me touching 8-10 different areas of law on a regular basis. I love the challenge of connecting my client’s story to the framework of the law. Isolating the issue that brought a client to me often means I have to learn a lot about their industry and their scenario. That ongoing challenge keeps everything fresh for me.”

Here are some details from Matt’s bio:

Joined Lawson Creamer: May 2001.

Practice areas: Civil Litigation, Labour, Employment and Administrative Law – with a special interest in workers’ compensation and human rights.

Did you know? Matt is Lawson Creamer’s resident guru in all matters appellate and administrative law. He has made countless trips to the New Brunswick Court of Appeal on behalf of clients and has extensive experience at all levels of Court in New Brunswick, as well as involvement in matters before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Professional: Matt has presented on a variety of topics at various Continuing Legal Education conferences. In 2013, he was also the moderator/organizer of the Privacy in the Workplace CLE.

Matt has also presented at Kingswood University on the topic of “Legal Matters Which Impact Churches & Church Leaders”, and was honoured to present to the 2015 NB Construction Association Conference on the topic of “Legalities of Drug and Alcohol Policies in Workplace”.

Most recently, he was appointed to sit alongside members of the judiciary, civil service and fellow members of the Bar on the Law Society of New Brunswick’s Strategic Development Committee of the Rules of Court.

Outside the office: Matt is a talented singer, actor and performer and indulges his creative side by participating in various arts organizations in and around the City of Saint John. He has appeared on stage in a large number of Saint John Theatre Company productions, as well as in productions by the KV Players and Opera New Brunswick.

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