Lawson Creamer: connecting New Brunswick businesses to the world

In 2014 Lawson Creamer became a member of the Meritas global legal alliance.

Membership is invitation-only, and takes place only after the prospect firm meets the requirements set out by Meritas’ extensive Quality Assurance Program. Even after a firm joins the alliance, their performance is continually monitored by both clients and other members to ensure they meet the highest standards of responsiveness, professionalism and skill.

The Meritas alliance includes more than 7,000 lawyers working in 233 markets in 80 countries around the world.

Lawson Creamer’s clients benefit from using Meritas firms in two important way; firstly, they can take comfort that Lawson Creamer, like all Meritas firms, has been prequalified and validated as to their expertise and commitment to client service; and secondly, Lawson Creamer can refer its clients doing business in any province in Canada, any state in the US or almost any other country in the world to a Meritas law firm and have the confidence that the firm is a well-qualified business law firm.

Lawson Creamer is the only Meritas firm in New Brunswick, and one of only 14 in Canada. Including the Meritas logo on our website is a mark of pride for us. It is a symbol of our professionalism and standards, and our ability to support New Brunswick companies as they connect to the global marketplace.

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