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Business law is the body of law that governs the rights, actions and relationships between people and businesses engaged in commerce.

At Lawson Creamer, our business law practice group offers professional services in company law, commercial transactions, banking/corporate finance, corporate restructuring and insolvency.


Over the last four decades we’ve assisted clients with combining companies to form new and amalgamated companies. We’ve worked with small and large businesses within many business sectors to successfully merge and consolidate companies.


Whether you are starting your first company or you are an experienced business-person we can help you navigate and complete the incorporation process whether at the Provincial or Federal level. We can assist with organizing a share structure that meets your needs, preparing the required incorporation documents and maintaining your company on an ongoing basis.

Shareholders Agreement

We can assist you with preparing an agreement that clearly sets out the rights and obligations of shareholders to one another. We would be pleased to discuss the benefits of a solid shareholder agreement with you and to offer our experience to protect your interests.

Buy-Sell Agreements

For many years we have assisted shareholders, business co-owners, purchasers and sellers to both buy and sell businesses. In some cases we’ve assisted current co-owners with selling their shares to other shareholders and we have often assisted new and experienced business owners with purchasing and selling business interests.


We have had the opportunity to prepare partnership agreements and to advise individual partners on a wide range of matters. From partnership disputes to drafting a first agreement, we have experience and are happy to offer assistance.


Sometimes reorganizing a business is necessary. We’ve assisted companies and shareholders over many years in restructuring matters with a view to achieving better business outcomes and adapting to the ever-changing business world.

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