The Forgiveness Project Exhibit

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The Forgiveness Project Exhibit

Lawson Creamer is sponsoring a presentation of The F Word exhibition June 5 to 10 at Brunswick Square, 2nd Floor (on the way to the City Market). This is a unique and powerful exhibit featuring 18 powerful stories of forgiveness.

“At the heart of The Forgiveness Project is an understanding that restorative narratives have the power to transform lives; not only supporting people to move on from harm or trauma, but also building a climate of tolerance, resilience, hope and empathy.”

Lawson Creamer is a leading advocate for Alternative Dispute Resolution and several of our lawyers, including Kelly VanBuskirk and Frank McBrearty are actively involved in ADR organizations. We believe that our clients, and the general public, will benefit from reflecting on the power of forgiveness in managing and negotiating interpersonal conflict, unresolved disputes and fractured personal and business relationships.

This is the first time this exhibition has been shown in Eastern Canada, and we are excited to share this internationally acclaimed exhibit.

For more information, dates and times check out our Facebook page: ForgivenessSJ and our Events page: F Word Event

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